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Thread: Two weeks with the SS Daytona

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    Two weeks with the SS Daytona

    "A timing device of superior stature. It's accuracy, efficiency and reliability make it one of the finest examples of the time keeping art. A classic instance of form following function yielding an astonishing result."
    - Rolex

    First, I know you can't tell from a picture but none of the reviews mentioned the weight. Not that it's heavy, it's not, it's just heavier than I thought it would be. Feels niiiice on the wrist.

    The dial, in so many pictures, appears flat and without any interesting features but in fact has sharp bevels on the sub dials and, along with the hands, has great detail in real life.

    Accuracy over the last week (first week I didn't time it) averaged out to an impressive +0.5/day

    The crown is a triplock - I thought triplex were for Divers and this would be a two dot crown. Speaking of the crown, it is also thicker than I thought it would be. I anticipated a thinner crown like on my old GMT's. I am pleasantly surprised on both counts

    Even though the lume plots are larger on this than on the Zenith Daytona, they are still small but was happy to see that despite their size, the lume is actually not bad. The blue color is nice to look at and lasts honestly a lot longer than I thought. Again, I am pleasantly surprised.

    Screw Down pushers - Yeah, I know a few folks don't like having to wriggle their fingers under the case or even take off the watch to unscrew and start the chrono. Happy to report that on the Daytona the pushers do not rest on the lower half of the case so even for my big fingers I have zero problem unscrewing them and starting the chorine keeping the watch on my wrist. Disclaimer, I don't really time anything, except maybe a steak on the grill so. If you are a heavy chorine user I can see where screw down pushers on any watch would be a hassle.

    PCL's - yeah they are bright, no getting around that. But here's the thing, they should be brushed on Subs & GMT's but they "fit" the Daytona and they actually work in the big picture. That is to say, if you don't obsess over them and actually look at the watch as a whole, they actually work for the Daytona.

    Wearability and size - of course this is subjective but the 40mm case is super comfortable, there really is no there way to put it

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    What a classic beauty!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by timekeeper View Post
    What a classic beauty!!
    Thank you, timekeeper

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    Gorgeous watch and amazing photographs.

    I suspect the PCLs will be less noticeable as they develop all those tiny little scratches that make the watch truly yours.

    The adventures of Bob the Traveling Watch

    . . . . . . . . . .

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jeannie View Post
    Gorgeous watch and amazing photographs.

    I suspect the PCLs will be less noticeable as they develop all those tiny little scratches that make the watch truly yours.

    Thanks, Jeannie, if the clasp is any indication, this watch is very much mine
    nothing a little cape cod won't take care of!

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    Excellent review and great pictures.
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    What a good looking watch. I like the proportions of the subdials compared to the rest of the watch. I don't normally like PCL, but for some reason it seems right on the Daytona. Thanks for sharing with us!

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    What a terrific pictures of this beautiful watch. Someday...

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    Congrats! Wonderful watch and of course one of the best contemporary movements made by anyone.

    Hopefully I will pick one up one day too... if I can ever make up my mind between the black or white dial :P
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