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Thread: ******** WRUW 6th Mar ********

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    ******** WRUW 6th Mar ********

    Starting the day, bright and sunny, with this.


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    Warmer weather predicted for next week...the dogwood is waiting!


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    Longines Master Collection


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    Once in awhile you get shown the light in the strangest of places if you look at it right.

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    Orient Dyno with the Seiko 7T62 movement and sapphire crystal. Plus... SLIDE RULE!!

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    Didn't really intend to switch yet, but seeing Ryan Seacrest's Daytona Paul Newman two nights in a row on American Idol inspired me, so:

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    You didn't expect the same piece, did you? In my (and your) dreams only - that watch is very far beyond my reach.
    There is always the chance that I win the lottery, though, so who knows .....
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    Ambit 1 & 2 wife an I going on a winter hike

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    Ranger II series ref 9121/0 from 1979, for my Friday. Recycled pics.


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    Ric Capucho

    Beijing ZunDa.


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