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Thread: $$$$$$$$ WRUW 8th-14th march $$$$$$$$$

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    $$$$$$$$ WRUW 8th-14th march $$$$$$$$$

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    Ric Capucho

    Corny pickie of my ca. 1969-70 vintage Omega Seamaster 120.


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    Today a modest little HMT

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    Beijing Zungu this week

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    8th March
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    There's nothing important to read here.

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    Sea-Gull '72 ST5 in an ST7 dial and case. "29 Jewels" yeah, baby.

    Too many watches, not enough wrists.

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    Steinhart OVM for me today

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    Quote Originally Posted by dobber72 View Post
    I'm so glad I saw this watch last time you posted it. I now have one of my own, got from a very reasonable price from Skywatches in Singapore, with hangtag and manufacturer's warranty, delivered promptly. I've been really happy with it. 42mm is my limit but the fit on the wrist is good thanks to the short lug to lug. The chrono is readable despite the 60 second and 60 minute subdials, though the way it resets is a bit comical! Fortunately when I need the chrono I'm not needing quick flyback The strap is rather rough at the edges, but is wearable. Oh and quality of the finish is excellent, miles ahead some cheap watches I've had. Really pleased :-)

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    9th March

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    There's nothing important to read here.

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