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Thread: CLOSED: Iyonk Selfmade Strap GiveAway.. =)

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    CLOSED: Iyonk Selfmade Strap GiveAway.. =)

    The winners are MHe225 and whatmeworry.

    Hi everybody!
    I have got the permission from Geoff to do the Giveaway.. so here we go!

    I have spend a couple of days making this straps in purpose for giveaway on IWL.. its 20mm lug tappered to 18mm (would fit standard to FAT springbars) and 4mm thick tappered tp 2mm (very hard to do since i just use paring knife!) it is made from one piece genuine Indonesian buffalo leather.. its a very durable leather and can last for decades, often used for belt since it would worn and distressed nicely over time.. the color is a mix of dark brown... its not perfect but its my best effort from all my straps ever made..
    it would fit wrist size from 6.5" to 7,5"

    this straps will be very-very durable even when used heavily.. no padding, use permanent stiching and if you dont mind distressed look, this one will definately would develop that look in a while. (I personally very confident with its durability... if its ever fail, i'll fix it or send you a replacement haha)
    its a bit rigid but if you wear it its gonna shape and confirm your wrist super well..

    here's some of the pictures (sorry, its been raining all morning and excuse my lack of fotographing skill=)

    it very dark brown in sunlight, but almost black indoor..
    Name:  DSCN9327.jpg
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    my best effort to do tappering with no leather tools =)
    Name:  DSCN9329.jpg
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    sorry for no layer on the back, but it is one piece leather... excuse the home made look on the bottom part,, but it is made with love haha..
    Name:  DSCN9331.jpg
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    out door pictures but a bit glaring and dont show the cammeleon dark brown color changing with different light..
    Name:  DSCN9334.jpg
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    Name:  DSCN9335.jpg
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    Name:  DSCN9337.jpg
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    i haven't made the buckle notch since some people would want to use deployant buckle. and so is the single hole buckle hole since its gonna depend on the winner wrist

    I would pay the postal/shipping fee worldwide... but i can only afford the least expensive one.. so be a little patient ok
    its just a fun give away for appreciation from me to you guys... no string attached.

    to join the give away here's the points:

    - Any body that have been here for the last 2-3 months or have 100 posts and upward. (moderators also welcomed if interested)

    - post the picture of your 20mm lug watch that you think would suit the strap.. and hopefully you have about 6,5- 7,5" wrist.. and do what ever you can to get as many likes in your post. (its a fun give away anyway)

    - why you would want the strap (i personally would like if the straps get worn from time to time.. but its up to the winner)

    - and be generous with your 'likes' in this forum hehehe..

    the give away would be closed 1 week from now (today is 8th march'15). I will announce the lucky one and sent the strap .. (my wife and boy would help me select the winner).. hope thats ok with you guys..

    I'll add the some more pictures latter..

    so any body would like a free strap?

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    Great looking strap, somebody's going to be lucky.

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    Strap looks great. Nice work again. You're getting quite good at them!

    Actually I have a 72 Seiko Chrono that I've never been able to find the right strap for and this would look great on it. Would really like to be able to actually wear the watch for once - bought it, serviced it and case fully restored the whole nine yards but never been on my wrist even once. I'll have to take a picture and show you guys, it's a really cool watch.

    March 15th is my birthday so if you mail it now might make it in time yet

    exit: snapped a quick phone picture of the barren watch...
    Name:  30919-chase-albums-chase-misc-picture74706-image.jpg
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    That strap looks wonderful and is a beautiful shade of brown. An extremely generous giveaway. Well done.

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    Beautiful strap, lyonk! Very well done.


    (IWL Member No. 72)
    My other distractions --->

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    I find it hard to believe its handmade. That's a proper level of skill right there. Now to work out the right watch...

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    Very nice strap. Great work indeed especially considering using just a paring knife on very hardy leather haha.
    I think itll look great on my vintage speedy pro from the 1970s.

    My ball skindiver with its awesome vintage diver vibe.

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    Thx everybody... its dark brown is very hard to capture on foto..

    Name:  DSCN9352.jpg
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    Name:  DSCN9341.jpg
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    edited: FYI, no buckle is included, so i hope the winner could install his/her own buckle =) ..
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    lost in translation birdynamnam's Avatar
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    A good idea to put this strap on the Ball skindiver Norm.
    Very , very nice diver

    I'd like to try this beautiful strap on this:


    "chirp, chirp"

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    Quote Originally Posted by birdynamnam View Post
    A good idea to put this strap on the Ball skindiver Norm.
    Very , very nice diver

    I'd like to try this beautiful strap on this:


    nice! they are all 20mm lug right? from this angle the squale almost look like 22mm =)

    2 entry in first page =) thx guys..
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