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Thread: Things you have an irrational dislike of

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    Things you have an irrational dislike of

    A passing discussion in the Chat thread made me think about this, and I thought it was worthy of its own thread.
    What things really irritate you? Annoy and irk you to the extent that it gets in the way of things.

    For me it's Monty Python. Can't stand the show to the extent that the mere appearance of any of the cast members in any other film threatens to ruin it for me.
    John Cleese as Q? Dear God no!

    Of course I can come up with reasons why I don't like the humour - so much of it seems elitist, snobbish, sexist and far less clever or progressive than it thinks it is, but I recognise that my dislike is probably fuelled by something beyond just taste.

    Anyway, enough of me because I'm seething now at the thought of their smug faces.

    (Let's try and keep away from criticism of people who like the things we hate though )

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    Citizen watches. Don't care how good they are or how nice they are. My dad wore them, so I associate them with him. And I don't like him, to put it mildly.

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    Quote Originally Posted by M. Montaigne View Post
    They're the right wing ones aren't they?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Der Amf View Post
    Him out of Marillion?

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    came for a look stayed for the biskwits
    haha hmmm I wonder where this one is going haha
    one of the most original good guys their was never anything but a true friend "the daito to my shoto"
    rest easy good buddy

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    Quote Originally Posted by whatmeworry View Post
    They're the right wing ones aren't they?
    There's right wing and then there's the GOP.

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    I just Googled "famous Republicans" and was surprised by some of the results.
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