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Thread: She took the Mudman!

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    She took the Mudman!

    So my lady needed a countdown timer to take to sea to time sailing race starts. It needed to be bulletproof and waterproof in case of a capsize. I showed her lots of choices in the watch box.

    After wearing a square for a day, she returned it to me complaining it had reset itself by itself and it was too easy to inadvertantly push the buttons. My thought was the tough old Mudman would fix that issue!

    I fixed her up with this

    Set it ahead for Daylight savings and she was good to go. She likes the hard to push buttons.

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    Smart lady. Great choice. The g9000 has one of the best modules in a gshock.

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    You're a very kind and generous man.
    There's nothing important to read here.

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    She definately have good taste and make excellent choice!! that mudman would take a beating and still smile for more!

    there's something about the G9000 that atrract women.. its the exact G my loving wife bought be since she said 'it looks great'..

    keep us updated please... =)

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    Well, she and it arrived home in good shape, my Mudman performing flawlessly under pressure and still attached to a lovely wrist on arrival. Could not be happier and more proud!

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    Thanks for the update YE... flawless performance is to be expected with the mudman, but get your loving wife appreciate G-Shock is priceless... =)

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