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Thread: Happy Daylight Savings Time to You!

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    Cool Happy Daylight Savings Time to You!

    Apologies to all who lost an hour of sleep today.

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    Sleep is over rated

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    funny vid
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    I wondered why it was still dark out when I got up this morning and the clock said 7am......

    I need to start paying more attention......
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    We moved forward yesterday but the government has announced we will not be moving back in the Autumn so will be on summertime all year round. So half the year we will be an hour ahead of US eastern time which generally I think will be good for the tourists.
    We already had one resort here that didn't move their clocks and so were on a different time zone to the rest of the island, at least that confusion has gone.
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    No time change here ever. No DST here. It's Central Standard Time year round.

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