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Thread: Help id these 2 omega plz

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    Help id these 2 omega plz


    I recently stumbled upon my grandmothers house these two old omega watches and i want to learn anything about them for instance model,year e.t.c so as to know whether i could sell them or not since they are not in mint conditions.The ref codes are md 1660187 and hd 1960023

    Thank you

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    Quote Originally Posted by nerwnas View Post
    i want to learn anything about them for instance model,year e.t.c
    Well, it looks like you have the original papers, so there's a bit of information there...

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    No it only said model etc and when it was bought not year of manufacture and especially what is their current value.That's why i'm asking because i've decided to sell them

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    With the papers you have you already possess as much ID information as we can give you here. They are both 1970s models and in general the automatics fetch more than the quartz models at auction. That is about all we can tell you as far as pricing goes. We have no idea of condition and can't tell from photos, so it's not really possible to give a price estimate that makes sense. Your best bet would be to take them to an authorized Omega dealer, or to a jeweler who specializes in vintage watches.

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    Some photos of the Seamaster movement

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