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Thread: WRUW Wed 11 March

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    WRUW Wed 11 March

    Fourth day of the Beijing

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    It is very strange to wake up and find that the day's WRUW isn't already onto its second page!

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    One of my ST5's:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Martin View Post
    One of my ST5's:

    I'm now imagining those gold indices and hands on the blue dial....

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    Day 38(?). Today's watch is another I've never worn properly before. It's the first of the watches that came with the Eaglemoss Military Watch Collection magazine in the UK. I think they called it the US Infantry or something similar. It's clearly a watch that was made for as little money as humanly possible and with the intention only of making a profit. It's roughly finished and the quartz movement is looser than a politician's morals, but its sterile, functional look works well enough.

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    Good morning
    Wearing the Sea Dweller 16660 today. I find it hard to beat the classic Sub and SD as an overall daily wearer and do-it-all watch.

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    A warmup for next week, which will be all suits each day. Bring out the dressiness.

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    all week this week at work
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