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Thread: Terry Pratchett has died

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    Terry Pratchett has died

    Sad news

    Terry Pratchett, author of the Discworld series, dies aged 66
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    I notice that too. Too bad. He always had that big black hat on.
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    Quote Originally Posted by whatmeworry View Post
    Sad news

    Terry Pratchett, author of the Discworld series, dies aged 66
    that a shame in a way but maybe a godsend in another I did a thread a while back to this guy loved his disc-world books but he had said in an interview short after he was diagnosed that to any true writer their worse fear is getting alzheimer's as it slow destroy one's thought progress.

    my uncle had it and it is terrible to watch a strong person slowly turning in to a jabbering fool with mood swing and violent out burst so In a way I am glad for him and his family in avoiding that so they can remember him as the man who made world's travel through space on a back of four giant elephant who stood on the great a'tuin the star turtle .. will laughter always ring out when he is read and will always be remembered for the way he looked at the world though the colours of magic
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    Sad news indeed. For some reason I get a lot more upset when a writer I like dies than any other person entertainment related, except in some rare cases musicians.

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    Yes, a sad day. I started reading him in the early 90's and it became a tradition that I would be given a bottle of whisky and the latest discworld novel at Christmas. My collection is now with my daughters who are working their way through them.
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    Very sad news. I have read his discworld novels many times and enjoyed them.

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