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    The Heuer Autavia models are one of my favorite vintage chronographs from the 70's. I currently have one in my collection. Here are a couple shots of my Viceroy:

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    Any other Autavia fans here?
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    Welcome! That is a nice Autavia you have! I don't have any vintage Heuers, but I have this one, a 1964 re-edition.

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    Ric Capucho


    Had my eye on Heuer Autavias for the last couple of years, but still have to amass the money I'd need to get myself one.

    A Sickert would be nice, but $12 grand plus requires deeper pockets that I'll ever have. But black dials Autavias are far more realisticaly priced.


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    I love my viceroy, it's a sensational watch, and always seems to garner compliments from watch enthusiasts and regular folks alike.

    Here she is...

    RGM 801A - Montblanc Twinfly Flyback Chronograph -
    Omega AquaTerra GMT - 1972 Heuer Autavia Viceroy
    Ball Engineer Master II Diver World Time - JeanRichard Terrascope - Longines Legend Diver(Date) - Luminox 6250 - Hamilton Intra-Matic(42mm) - Magrette Moana Pacific Professional - Oris XXL Pointer Day - Orient Pro Saturation Diver

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