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Thread: The Grand Seiko Appreciation Thread. Share your pics and stories!

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    The Grand Seiko Appreciation Thread. Share your pics and stories!

    Seiko is the brand that captured my interest in mechanical watches. I always wore Seikos for many years and always was amazed by the value in their watches. Later in life when I became more financially sound, I started collecting my other favorite brand, Rolex. I further added many other Swiss brands to the collection over the years but my heart was always with Seiko. I love their history, innovations and value in what they offer. I have been interested in Grand Seikos for years but only a little over a year ago Grand Seikos were not available to look at in my area. When spending a certain amount of money on a watch, I always want to see it in person first. So I waited. Finally two dealers offered GS. The day I found out, I went to "just check them out" as I told the wife. Well, I came home with the SBGH001 High Beat that day. The finish and detail of this watch was beyond anything I ever seen in this price range. It was one of the few purchases I ever made in this price range as well that I felt like it was worth every penny. There will certainly be another one in the future but this is my one and only for now. Hope other owners will join in so hear your Grand Seiko story as well.
    Here's some of my favorite pics I taken.

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    JP, first off, great to see you here! I too am a huge GS fan and unfortunately, traded my SBGR083 towards my GO. I plan on getting another and the SBGH001 that graces your wrist will almost certainly be the one.

    A couple of pics of my gone but not forgotten 083.

    Oh and Domo....where are you?

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    Thanks, glad to see you!

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    The Grand Seiko Appreciation Thread. Share your pics and stories!

    I love the GS models you guys are showing here. So beautiful. I keep flip flopping on which to get and I've still never seen any in person.
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    Man I appreciate these GSes, but I don't own one! Yours JP would be top of the list, or maybe this (middle one)

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    I purchased my two Spring drive watches within the same week. The first was a 600 Marine Mater GMT Seiko that I have come to love quite a bit. The second was the Grand Seiko Ti Diver that I purchased from Seiya when the Rolex Sea Dweller I was looking to buy arrived at the AD damaged. I'm scouring my PhotoBucket account to find the pictures that I know are there somewhere(there are just two out of superstition). When I bought it originally it was before Japan made an adjustment in the currency so I paid only $4698 which made it a relative bargain compared to the Rolex. While this watch is off the chart accurate at about 2 seconds every six months when I do a date change on the winder, the 600 MM is less than a second during the same period. I've had both long enough to have both serviced at Seiko in the US. I was a little afraid that they may come back a little less accurate after the service, but nothing appeared to have changed. For the longest period of time this was my collection Flagship. Before the prices started to fall again from the peak a few years ago I traded it like Walter for my first GO(70's Pano). My trade in value was actually far more than I paid originally so it is a rare case of making money on a watch thanks to the currency change.
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    [QUOTEI love the GS models you guys are showing here. So beautiful. I keep flip flopping on which to get and I've still never seen any in person.][/QUOTE]

    They are somewhat understated in person, but it is the excellent fit and finish that gives them their real elegance, IMHO.

    There is no bad GS, some big, some small, but all are insanely nice for their price point, again, IMHO.
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    Awesome pics guys. Every Seiko forum needs a Grand Seiko thread! I'm working on some super macro shots at the moment. I need a tripod to hold the damn camera steady.

    I guess you can expect dial printing like this from the worlds largest printer manufacturer

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    Well, well, well, I see where the GS gang has migrated to...

    Here are some I've gone through:

    And some that are on my list to get at some point:

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    The most prominent Japanese forum thread would just have to be the GS thread.

    I have a feeling that I'm going to be rationalizing all kinds of thoughts about how to come up with one.

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