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Thread: Infantry FS-1 or what you get for 28 ($42) delivered.

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    Infantry FS-1 or what you get for 28 ($42) delivered.

    The other evening I bought a watch while doing some late night surfing (drinking). Fortunately, it was only 28 ($42) so no harm done.
    The price included delivery so I expected a long wait but was surprised when it arrived 5 days later, Hong Kong to UK!

    So what did I get?

    The package.
    Name:  Infantry-FS1-001.jpg
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    The declaration.
    Name:  Infantry-FS1-002.jpg
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    The box and sleeve inside.
    Name:  Infantry-FS1-003.jpg
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    Name:  Infantry-FS1-004.jpg
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    There's nothing important to read here.

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    Opening the box I was surprised to see a rubber strap.
    Name:  Infantry-FS1-005.jpg
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    Then I lifted the tray out.
    Name:  Infantry-FS1-006.jpg
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    That's what I expected.

    It came with a springbar tool to swap the straps.
    Name:  Infantry-FS1-007.jpg
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    Name:  Infantry-FS1-008.jpg
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    There's nothing important to read here.

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    The bezel is a bit sloppy
    Name:  Infantry-FS1-009.jpg
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    Stainless Steel back
    Name:  Infantry-FS1-010.jpg
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    Side views
    Name:  Infantry-FS1-011.jpg
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    Name:  Infantry-FS1-012.jpg
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    There's nothing important to read here.

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    Size comparison
    Name:  Infantry-FS1-013.jpg
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    Name:  Infantry-FS1-014.jpg
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    Lume as expected.
    Name:  Infantry-FS1-015.jpg
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    There's nothing important to read here.

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    came for a look stayed for the biskwits
    they are not to bad a brand I had a sub from them can't remember what the price was I was more then happy with it as a daily wear my dad took a liking to it and now has it I have had to change the battery but it is still as good as when I was given it .. so as a reasonable price every day quartz watch you can't go far wrong

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    Finally, the case is smooth with no sharp edges but appears to be painted so will probably look a mess after any heavy knocks.
    It is heavy on the wrist, weighing in at 143g but doesn't look too out of place even on my tiny 6.5 inch wrist.

    The functions include dual time, stopwatch and alarm.

    Overall for the price, not bad value.

    Wrist shots
    Name:  Infantry-FS1-016.jpg
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    Name:  Infantry-FS1-018.jpg
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    Name:  Infantry-FS1-019.jpg
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    There's nothing important to read here.

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    Looks good. For that price I'm tempted.

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    Usually, late night drinking and shopping normally goes the way of the pear, but I think you did good here!

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    I must confess that I intended to say something like "two Cobras and a cheeky Indian", but the pictures have really taken me aback.

    Looks like a great little piece! Good find! May it serve you well. Who did you say you got it from?

    Also, what is the WR on it?

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