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Thread: Titan mechanicals: anyone know owt?

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    Titan mechanicals: anyone know owt?

    A colleague I was working with today had a rather plain old fashioned looking watch which naturally caught my eye. It was, despite its styling, new, and mechanical. And quite thin. I've managed to find one picture online of it:

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    from here:

    42 isn't very much and I can spot the word India on the dial. Will that be an HMT movement in there? I'm presuming it must be a handwind.

    When I google for more Titan watches, the styles are far more like cheaper Fossils.

    Anyone know anything more?
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    Didn't know they were doing a mechanical. Mostly they are known among us nerds for the "Titan Edge" which they claim to be the thinnest watch in current production (I believe some are under 4mm.) Wikipedia says Titan are now the 5th largest watch manufacturer in the world (but that's wiki, easily tweaked) - believable in the case that India is 1.5 Billion people. I don't think HMT makes a very thin mechanical movement, but Titan may have licensed it from someone else. Very interesting!
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    I 've seen a lot of Titan watches on my trips to India, way more than hmt's. All I have seen where Quartz fashion watches, no mechanical

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    You should buy one and let us know

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    a few years ago i bought one on E-bay.i flipped it to a member on the old place about 1.5 years ago...

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    came for a look stayed for the biskwits
    heard of titus but not titan looks ok if you fancy a change from hmt's haha but the price is say what... that's a bit steep hmmm

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    TBH I wouldn't mind trying out the Titan Edge.
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    Came across a thread Elsewhere on Titan. Said an auto had an 9015 and the handwind a 6T33, a movement I had never before heard of.

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    The auto was making the most of the movement's thinness

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