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Thread: Glycine 100th Anniversary Set

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    Glycine 100th Anniversary Set

    I have nowhere else to post this and needed to get it done due to promises I made on another forum.

    Here goes. This is the Glycine 100th Anniversary Set. The wrist watch is a typical F 104 with a Meylan-type dial and handset. Eugène Meylan was the founder of Glycine in Bienne, Switzerland sometime during 1914. This set is very clearly a tribute to him and his legacy.

    The watches have blued hands with a very nice lume that has a vintage color. The markers are lumed and have a vintage color as well. EDIT - one thing I didn't mention initially is that the markers have polished black borders that are slightly recessed below the markers. Fabulous detail.

    The wristwatch is approximately 48mm across. It's not thin. However, the articulating strap connections make it feel very comfortable.

    The wristwatch is polished to a gorgeous mirror-like finish and the pocket watch is finely brushed.

    The set comes in an attractive faux leather case. In the set one will also find a nice chain for the pocket watch (which does not say made in China ) as well as a certificate with the CEOs signature and the number out of the limited series. Mine is #39 of 250.

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    The plastic is still on the back.

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    The globe that my wife bought me to place on my desk.

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    Wow, that's beautiful. I love the display globe!

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    How about a wrist shot please! Do you find the 48mm size OK for you?

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    Walt, are you able to see the wrist shot that I posted above?

    It fits great, but I'm at 7.5"-7.75".

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    Very nice. Looks great!!!!

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    Very nice set Robotaz, despite it's size the wrist watch doesn't wear so big!

    My preference is for the pocket watch - I prefer the no-date and sub seconds which I think are more suited to the size, layout and font/hand set of the pieces. The dome for display is a great idea.

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    Congratulations, that is a serious anniversary set !
    Watches look very great.
    Thank you for sharing.

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    Congrats Rob for the set.
    We will need a Glycine sub-forum now,all Glycine residents are here

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