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Thread: Which watch are you currently "stalking" ?

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    Which watch are you currently "stalking" ?

    Ok, let's not play dumb here. The true WIS know exactly what I'm talking about. You google it to find out reviews on it, look at pictures and try to find videos of the watch on youtube. What have you been looking at (stalking ) for a while now and waiting for the right time to pull the trigger on? I'll share mine. After seeing it last year at one of the NYC Watchbuys Roadshow exhibits I have not gotten it out of my mind. I know its not for everybody but I just love it! Its the Sinn 356 copper dial . I love this thing. Don't care about the movement (for once) just love the dimensions, size and the dial in itself has me sold on it. I think I found just about every picture on the internet that has this watch and gonna pull the trigger any day now.
    What are you currently stalking? (Picture not mine, found online)

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    Vintage Omega seamsters - and it's a sickness. Trying to absorb all I can before pulling the trigger.

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    Well said!

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    I have previously stalked a Sinn 356 copper dial...

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    This Campanola. It SHALL be mine >:]


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    Have been stalking/ looking at the different models from Panerai for a long time,, and I might eventually succumb to this :

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    The question is: which watch am I not stalking?

    I promised my self -last year- to stop buying and love te ones I have. I do love the ones I have. But I'm always on the lookout for rare/unusual vintage digitals such as:
    Name:  pulsar calculator.jpg
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    Not really stalking, per se....just on the lookout in case I run across one.

    Same with this one:
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    Hey Sherry - How do you feel about the Seiko C153?

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    There are several im more or less stalking, and would be happy with any of them so it will come down to what happens to be the deal that comes across my desk first. I have a hunch it will be a PAM 523. I let my previous PAM go last summer as I ended my run of 44mm watches and it just wasn't getting the wrist time. I've been hankering for another ever since and had long decided this would be the one. Now the itch has resurfaced with a vengeance, so what else am I to do other than scratch it!
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    Love that Sinn since the first time I saw it. Just wish it were larger...
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    Quote Originally Posted by tribe125 View Post
    I have previously stalked a Sinn 356 copper dial...
    Me too!
    At the moment (as is probably obvious from my thread on the subject), it's the Archimede pilot 39h.
    The still unanswered question is

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