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Thread: New Arrival: Bremont Boing Chrono Black

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    New Arrival: Bremont Boing Chrono Black

    As some of you know I recently purchased a Bremont MBii that arrived with a scratch on its case and was sent back. In my hunt for a new MBii I came across an ad for a Bremont Boeing Chronograph that I just could not pass up. It was a little more money than the MBii was but its well worth it... this is one of the coolest watches I own and I have wanted one ever since I read the Ablogtowatch article about this model. The ad I stumbled across was from a fellow Chicagoan so we were able to meet in person today and complete the transaction. I'm clearly gushing so I wanted to share right away.

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    So many cool details on that one! The spiral grooving on the crowns and the rotor are nice details as is that little bit of blue peeking around the edges of the movement. Congratulations!

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    Great choice I think the layout of this is much nicer than the recently announced titanium Boeing with 3 subdials
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    Nice. What's the movement?
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    Quote Originally Posted by geoffbot View Post
    Nice. What's the movement?

    One of those epoch-making in-house jobbies, I reckon.

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    Nice pickup, congratulations. I hadn't seen it in black before, I like it better than the white one. One question, though--does it bounce (your title says its a "Bremont Boing")?

    Sorry, couldn't resist...

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    Very nice. I hadn't seen it in black before either. Looks great!

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    Congrats!!! Looks great.


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    Great price for that 1 too, I believe I was looking @ it on watchrecon the other day.
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    Stunning! Definitely a nice pick up.

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