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Thread: I've got too many watches, time for a GIVEAWAY!

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    I've got too many watches, time for a GIVEAWAY!

    Given that I'm the lucky recipient of one of Iyonk's straps I thought it was probably appropriate to pay it forward and give away a watch of my own. I don't have anything like Iyonk's talent, but I do have a LOT of watches, many at the affordable end of the spectrum, as evidenced by my recent SOTC -

    Here are the watches that are up for grabs. The winner will receive the watch of their choice, posted by me to them (head only though, find your own strap!). If you don't like any of the watches you can enter anyway. If you win I'll donate 20 to the charity of your choice in lieu of you getting a watch.

    Vostok Komandirskie (second hand a little stuttery, otherwise fine)

    Poljot something

    Ling Yi

    Fineat AT Homage


    HMT White Pilot (slight crack on slide of crystal but not really visible)

    HMT Bhagat

    Casio W735

    So what do you have to do....?

    As some may know, I'm currently working through a complete (nearly, non-running or truly appalling ones are excluded) rotation of my collection. I have 4 days to go. 4 more days where I can't wear any watch I want, only pick one from a rapidly diminishing pool.

    So, what watch will I wear on the 5th day? Which watch from my collection is the one that has been calling to me the most?

    This thread will be open until the morning of 25th March (about 5am GMT), at which point I will announce the watch I'm wearing. Between now and then you can post your guess. If multiple people guess it I'll pick the winner out of a virtual hat. If no one does I'll pick a winner at random.

    Thanks all, for making this such a great community,

    PS Approved by Geoff!

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    The industrious Der Amf has created a post with all my watches in here...

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    My guess, without traipsing through all your posts is the Alpinist.

    If I had any sense I would be trying to win the Fineat, but I don't.

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    Nice! Good luck to all who enter.
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    That HMT Pilot is gorgeous, btw.

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    My vote is the vintage Omega Constellation (it has to be this beauty!)
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    Congrats on the give away Olly!! what a gesture and some of those watches looks great!

    good luck for the winner, i cant enter the giveaway since it would cost more money and hastle to send the watch to my country hahaha...

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