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Thread: Habring2 Felix

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    Habring2 Felix

    Nice article on this beautiful watch

    Very interesting detail: the case is only 7mm thick

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    Nice article - thanks for sharing. Very clever backward compatibility retrofit thinking
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    I've not seen that blog before - I think it's closely related to a watch store in Australia, so they do a nice review of interesting things when they arrive. I found them on instagram when I searched for #Germanwatch iirc. The writing is a lot better than some blogs. (A blog to watch, for example, often has me trying to chew my hand off)

    I'm now following them and will give links to anything else interesting

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    Habring2 Felix

    Thanks for sharing, DA!
    An interesting movement design and lovely looking watch
    Had a surreal moment when I glanced down at the Tudor showing almost the exact same time:
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    The whole package seems to hit a perfect minimal yet interesting balance
    (Looking at my pic here I can see the skill of product photographers - looking at the actual watch my mind must have edited out those distracting bezel reflections giving a much closer match, more refined calm. Ah well)
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    A lovely watch from an admirable company.

    Thanks for posting that.

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