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Thread: Stowa nova

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    Stowa nova

    Visiting Stowa a few months back, I asked Jörg if Stowa was going to do a contemporary line of watches. It seemed a good idea, because that is what the original Stowa would have been doing, had it remained healthy to the present day. A watch company shouldn't live entirely in the past.

    He said that was precisely his intention, and a model was already waiting in the wings...

    Stowa Rana

    Love it.,showdetai...tsblack,,,.htm

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    I don't like the watch style myself, its just too much for me (but I prefer boring anyway) but I do appreciate the fact that Stowa are trying something different/new.

    Too much of what they offer is just rehashes of previous models and styles. The price is pretty daft though, they won't sell many

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    I'm not too big of a fan either. The gradually increasing size of the hour dots looks a bit odd to me. As does the case.

    At least it's original, I guess.

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    Strikes me as a design that will appeal especially within Germany

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    I do like the back view though

    Quote Originally Posted by Steppy View Post
    The price is pretty daft though, they won't sell many
    Which is why it's a daft price

    I'd want something other than a 2824 for 4K+ , I'd also want nicer hands , and finally I'd want a more pleasing (to me) case design.

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    Not my bag, but cool for the effort. I really like Stowa watches in general. One day I will have one. Vintage Omega first...

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    When I click on a re-direct in central forum with the promise of something good, I want it to take me to here....

    Not here :[

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    I think it's cool, but I don't think I'd buy it.

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    Is it a ladies watch?

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    That is one of the few Stowas I've seen that I don't like. Who cares though? I am not their target market.

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