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Thread: Offshore Classic Chronograph Love

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    Offshore Classic Chronograph Love

    In my early days of becoming a watch nut...its Lorne over at Classic Chronograph who got me totally into more functional tougher watches
    his no nonsense approach in designing and getting this watch done up made me an easy convert.
    (Yes yes Aegir is kinda on the hit list now...)

    on curved end rubber

    original curved end hirsch leather

    new bracelet, new hands

    clean fibronacci inspired design, love the stepped dial and the textured subdials

    date window bit too small

    no nonsense pushers, with the sturdy 7750 running it. the newer model has a higher grade version i think...

    i get #26 anywhere i can

    bracelet super comfy & balanced, very well designed

    new hands are fun

    3 some

    with some other favorites

    42mm, apparently uses some tubing system for the pushers so its pretty waterproof or something

    chunky goodness

    wrist shots

    the roman numerals bezel probably not for everyone...there's also a tachymeter option. the newer double 0 version has a day display too

    not the best lume sadly..but i hear its c3 on the new ones


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    Lovely watch, great styling. I love the chunkiness of it, the whole "look" and especially the Roman numerals on the bezel (unusual but quirky). You can upgrade this to the double O for 380 pounds sterling over at (I don't know if this includes replacing or reluming the hands - probably not, although you can ask).
    Ebels (lots), IWC, Omega, FC, Eterna, Tag, Invicta, Movado
    If you are interested in the details

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    Interesting watch. Is that a Maserati logo?
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    Quote Originally Posted by popoki nui View Post
    Interesting watch. Is that a Maserati logo?
    haha same thought
    but its a trident
    on the dial and the seconds hand

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    I'm digging that knurling on the bezels, crown and pushers!
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    I don't believe I've ever seen Roman numerals on a bezel like that before.

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    Great pictures. Love the hands and interesting dial.
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    That's a very handsome watch

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    Lorne's a good guy.
    I emailed him asking for some different hands..boom its in the mail.
    I emailed asking if I can get my hands on the tachy bezel..boom he sends thru a new case..that is tighter in tolerances.

    looks great on a toxicnato

    very well made executed.

    Lorne's gonna send me more parts to upgrade it to what he calls the 'double 0 0'
    here is an excerpt from his website:


    The Field Engineer double O variant is now available. Modifications from the earlier Field Engineer are quite extensive and all in the movement and aesthetics. These include include day of the week indicator, a full set of revised hands slightly different in size and shape, different tube alloys, a completely new and totally unique day and date arrangement, C3 superluminova added to hour markers, small changes in the chapter ring and dial layer sizes and layout, and numerous other very small tweeks that pull everything more tightly to the Fibonacci sequence.

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    Very nice, Mikey.

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