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Thread: Need some retail type g-shock stands

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    Need some retail type g-shock stands

    Hey G-shockers.

    I was lucky to pick up a retail g-shock display, but it comes with only one stand. Pics:

    I've searched eBay and can't find them. I'm hoping that when I get the display, hopefully Monday, that there will be a manufacturer's name somewhere on the stand or display and I can make some phone calls. Any ideas besides those?


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    I've seen them on eBay

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    I'm bidding on some that might fit... If you see them please drop me a line. Most stands have the part that inserts going 90 degrees the wrong way. I'll post when I get them

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    Bought 40 on eBay last year. Thought WalMart would have them around, but I guess one's timing has to be good to get them before they discard them in the dumpster.

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