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Thread: What do I want for my birthday?

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    What do I want for my birthday?

    So, my mom asked me what I want for my birthday. It's the worst question these days. I have most of what I want except for things I wouldn't want as a gift, you know? But she wants to get me a thing, not just cash, as per usual.

    Things I don't need:
    Another watch
    Another messenger bag
    Bottle opener
    Pen (this is actually my pen...

    Any ideas? My first thought is a Steve McQueen themed gift array. LeMans, Magnificent Seven, Thomas Crown, et al all on Blu Ray, a Steve McQueen coffee table book, you know, stuff like that.
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    Some people have opinions - The rest of us have taste.

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    If you like mystery I would get Hercule Poirot Collection on blue-ray, not cheap though but a great gift

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    How about ties, cuff links, or a nice suit or blazer?

    Or maybe a book or a leather portfolio?

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    The Complete Calvin & Hobbes book set. Sixty bux on Amazon.

    The Complete Cartoons of the New Yorker, thirty bones on Amazon.

    My resmithed, hard chromed, low mileage Nighthawk 1911, price negotiable.
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    Got sunglasses? Summer's coming, you're a Steve McQueen fan. Persol 649 or 714.

    Sorry, I'm not trying to bleed Mrs. Raza dry, here. These frames go for around three hundred bucks. Or a nice pair of RayBan Wayfarers. They would be around half that figure.
    Happy Birthday!


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    In this case I am referring to the strap.
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    That's a great pen btw. Any idea if it takes roller gel inserts? Or fine felt tips?

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    what about a ticket to Liverpool next European fixture

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    Have her contribute to a charity in your name.

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    Maybe let her treat you on a day out with her! You will be giving her the bigger gift, your time. Moms aren't around forever.
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