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Thread: Scuba Dude Help

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    Scuba Dude Help

    I posted this to the Russian Forum, as well, but I'm posting here as well.

    I've been wanting a Scuba Dude for a long time, and I've decided this will be the summer I get it. Now, here's the problem: which one? I really like the look of the original case, but I would like to avoid the 18mm lug-width case because, well, I have a crap-ton of 22mm straps. I could get the case with the 22mm lugs but I'm not terribly fond of how the case looks, at least how it looks in pictures. I need help from the experts and those with experience. My research has winnowed the contenders to the 090 case with 22mm lugs or the 420 case with 18mm lugs. If I was going purely on aesthetics, I would get the 420 case, but it's not always easy to make decisions when one is laying down $70 for watch, now is it?

    Who has experience with the 090 case? I believe this is also called a ministry case. I'm wondering how the size compares with the 420 case, etc., and if there really is much difference between the two. Any help would be appreciated.


    420 case:

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    090 case:

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    My preference is the 420 case. I've owned a few Amphibias with that case and loved them all. The 090 case didn't work for me (too large), so when I did buy one I sold it again pretty quickly.
    You can pick up Natos really cheaply, so I'd get the round case and a few of those.
    In my experience, Amphibias hold their value pretty well, so if you find you've made the wrong decision you could probably sell it on without losing much

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    The 090 case is similar but not the same as the 710 which is the ministry case. The others with 22mm lugs are the 100, 110 and 710. All others use the 18mm lugs which in my opinion are too narrow. Have you checked out Meranom? Plenty to choose from there. Do your research on these watches as they have many quirks which come with owning one of these. Good luck!

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    I prefer the 420 as well over the 090. Fit my wrist better and no overhang on the ends like the 090 had.
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