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Thread: My new Frogman

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    My new Frogman

    I finally pulled trigger on Frogman. I was interested in them since I learned to dive in 2000. I wish I bought one then, bit my first choice was Citizen Aqualand that I bought on Okinawa where I was stationed.

    I don't dive anymore, but that doesn't stop me from wearing dive watches.

    I found this GF-8250ER at a pretty reasonable price. I was afraid of the size, but it looks and feels OK for such a large watch. Now I'm thinking I should upgrade to GWF-1000.

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    Congrats on your nice score. I pretty much like the GF-8250 models!



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    Congrats! looks great!

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    Nice piece, congratulations!

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    Excellent score!!

    fits your will very handsomely!

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    Gotta love G's.Congratulations

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    The GWF-1000 certainly wears bigger, but both are great choices


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    Thanks guys. I'm really enjoying this one

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    It looks great and it looks great on you. Thanks for sharing with us.

    I don't think you'd have any problem rocking a GWF-1000.

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