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Thread: Calling Speedy experts for a question...

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    Calling Speedy experts for a question...

    The Speedy 3576 steel and 3876.50 strap version I been eyeing and searching pictures of. There is a new , new version of the Moonphase with one of Omega's new long reference numbers, which is much more money with a very beautiful and special dial. I'm not talking about that one. I'm talking about the 3576 Moonphase. Going on searches online, there seem to be two slightly different version with the same 3576/3876 ref number. One has rings around the chrono dials and one does not. Does anyone know if one is an older version and one is a newer version? Strangely googling both ref numbers gets both versions and I cannot find a clear answer on this. I do prefer the non ring on sub dial version and something tells me this is a newer version.
    Here are pics of the 3576.50 and 3876.50 as examples of the two displayed despite being on steel or bracelet both can be found with and without the rings around the sub dials.
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    I'm not an expert, but let's see: currently, the models still available from Omega, both have the rings around the sub dials. There was the opaline/ broad arrow model already discontinued (the model I prefer). I can only guess that if a no-ring model existed, I'm pretty sure it's not in the current Omega catalog, therefore, it must be an older model (?) But of course, I may be wrong...

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    3876.50.31----------------- 3576.50.00

    The older 3575.20.00 (no longer produced) without the rings around the sub dials:

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    (all pics from Omega webcat)
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    Thanks! So I had it opposite. I'm a lefty so thats pretty typical good to know.

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    I was not aware of those differences either, so again, good to know.
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    Well, I guess I can add some more information:

    In 1985 Omega had the ref. ST 345.0809 and according to their Archives, only 1783 units were produced. They used the cal. 866 (not the current 1866) and had a hesalite crystal. There is this pic by Chuck Maddox :

    Name:  ST345_0809.jpg
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    This may be the (rare) model you are looking for.

    Hope this helps.
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