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Thread: WRUW - Monday - 30 March 2015

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    WRUW - Monday - 30 March 2015

    Good day.



    Hope you all have a great week ahead.
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    Aqua Expedition with Sellita SW220 movement

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    Happily unadjusted 😜 popoki nui's Avatar
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    Just another Monster Monday...♫♪♪♪
    Monster Iso4 copy.jpg
    Monster glow1.jpg
    (recycled pics)

    Have a great week, everyone.

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    Monster monday it is!!!

    have a great week ahead everybody!!!



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    It's not quite Monday here yet, but the Snowflake will be on my wrist through Wednesday. So instead, thought I'd throw in a gratuitous sunset picture. Came out pretty nice for an iPhone, I think.

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    Back to work with old reliable.

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    Wasn't going to, but looks like now I will hafta... Da MONSTER!

    DSCN6743.JPG DSCN6744.JPG

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