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Thread: Odd couples..lets see your cheapest watch you wear and most expensive.

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    Odd couples..lets see your cheapest watch you wear and most expensive.

    In this hobby, there is no logic. You like what you like. Sometimes , a WIS will long for a certain piece. Something to reward themselves for an accomplishment, or a celebration. They reach deep inside their wallet for that piece they longed for. Its a love that will last much longer then the hurt of reaching deep inside that wallet to buy something they love the engineering and design for. Something they will pass down to their children. Something that will make their non WIS friends be like "you spent how much on a watch???" Other times, you find that little gem. Its kind of a goal, to find that cheap piece aka "the beater." The one you like to wear, its functional, comfortable, dependable and doesn't make you want to cry if you smash it into a door knob or drop it on pavement. Its sort of a liberating piece. A grab and go, then forget you have it on but then its there when you need it. The beater plays a significant role in any WIS collection. Lets see some odd coupling. Whats your most expensive watch and your cheapest watch. Not anything that sits in the box, something you wear and enjoy. Here's my odd couple.
    Rolex Explorer 2 and Casio MRW200H. The most expensive and coming in at sub 20 dollars the cheapest by far but a watch I enjoy wearing.
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    Guess I can find a coincidence...

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    Least expensive - a 1955 Pobeda.
    Most expenxive - a 1990's Ebel 134.
    Clearly, size matters.
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    $30.00 G Shock

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    Least: difficult. I have no end of vintage watches I picked up free. When I visit my watchmakers, I often come out with old LED and LCD watches clinging to me like iron filings to a magnet. I guess the least expensive watch(es) I actually paid for, would be:

    $10 each, NOS with original boxes and papers. One has since found a new home with a friend.
    I think I have a really cheap LCD watch around here somewhere, that I paid $3.95 for new at Woolworths in the 80's.

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    MSRP or what I paid?


    P1040687a by hankblanc, on Flickr

    Most of my vintage pieces were expensive back in the day so least expensive may well be this:
    P1012247a by hankblanc, on Flickr

    If it is what I paid,

    This is the most expensive piece in my collection:
    P1013932 by hankblanc, on Flickr

    This is my least expensive. This was given to me for free because of my existing Louis Rossel collection:

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    These 2 right now . . .
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    Oh, if no one else is going to say it....
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