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Thread: Trying to be crystal clear, night or day viewing...

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    Trying to be crystal clear, night or day viewing...


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    Beautiful watch, thank you for sharing!

    (can't wait to get my own breitling)

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    Stunning pic!

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    Wow, that's one of the coolest pics I've ever seen of a watch.

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    Thanks, guys. Probably not surprisingly, the black dial Crosswind is one of the easiest pieces to photograph, especially in direct contrast to my now long gone blue dial Crosswind with which I was never satisfied because of the difficulty and photographic results with the blue dial. Not only that, the blue was "limiting" in terms of attire with which to wear it. I will admit a bit of surprise at how amazingly well the "lume" shot of this black dial Crosswind turned out. Makes for a really nice PC wallpaper pic... :-)

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    Outstanding. You take the most excellent pictures of some really nice watches.
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