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Thread: Brandnew watch give-away, vintage NOS Anker. Win the watch in this contest....

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    Brandnew watch give-away, vintage NOS Anker. Win the watch in this contest....

    Hi all,
    i am going to do my first watch give-away. The watch is a rare NOS Anker, made in Germany, and it is completely unworn.The watch is from somewhere in the 70's. It's a relative small watch. The watch is manual wound. Here are some pictures of it :

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    you might want to strap it with a Perlon strap

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    The rules are :
    - I ask one question and you will answer it.
    - You post a picture with every answer.
    - You can answer only 3 times.
    - This contest wil last one month, OR, untill someone gives me the correct answer.
    - The first right answer with the correct picture to go with it is the winner.

    I have given the question, answer ānd picture to Geoffbot so you can be sure this contest is a honest one.

    Question :
    Wich Belgian watch ( cos i'm from Belgium you know ) will be my next purchase? I need the name of the brand ānd the correct model.

    Don't forget to post a picture of the watch-model with your answer!!!

    I will reveal the winner on Thursday 30-04-2015!!!

    Good luck all!
    Kind regards,
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