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Thread: --------------<<<<<<<<<< WRUW 4th of April 2015 >>>>>>>>>>---------------

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    --------------<<<<<<<<<< WRUW 4th of April 2015 >>>>>>>>>>---------------

    Today a vintage watch to check if it is working flawless,... should as the movement had a big service:

    Universal Geneve Tri-Compax 1945 steel 01 by Bidle, on Flickr

    Universal Geneve Tri-Compax 1945 steel 02 by Bidle, on Flickr

    Have a nice day all!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bidle View Post
    Today a vintage watch to check if it is working flawless,... should as the movement had a big service:

    Have a nice day all!!
    Excellent piece with a great movement. Beautiful!
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    The Sub, today

    Name:  Rolex_Sub36.JPG
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    and the Dynamic for Sunday

    Name:  Omega Dynamic Chrono_19.JPG
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    Have a nice weekend!

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    Got a mix going on. Starting on with my one and only quartz. 20 year old Seiko....
    Name:  IMG_0685.jpg
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    Moving on to the Ex2....
    Name:  IMG_0683.jpg
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Size:  57.9 KBName:  IMG_0673.jpg
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    and the lady has on her Hammy Auto

    Name:  IMG_0665.jpg
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    that i had to set the date for she doesn't care but it drives me nuts!
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    I took fresh pictures today of the watches that we will be wearing tomorrow.
    For me, still the Portuguese:

    Name:  150403_IWC_ref_500107_2.jpg
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    My wife is still wearing her Mark XVI - before any of you comments on her hairy wrists: her watch was on the kitchen counter while she was in the process of making / baking Easter Stollen - a traditional, seasonal Dutch / German type of raisin bread, which we can't find for sale in our area - so I "modeled" her watch. Look closely and you will notice a light dusting with flour:

    Name:  150403_IWC_Mark_XVI_2.jpg
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    My plans changed when I checked my mailbox and found a little package with lyonk's hand made strap in it.
    Got out some tools, fitted a plane buckle, "drilled" a single hole and fitted it on my '00 3570.50 Speedmaster Professional (more pics here)
    This is the combo that is now on my wrist and will be probably for at least a week:

    Name:  150403_Omega_3570_lyonk_8m.jpg
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    @Bidle - fantastic pick-up. Congratulations!
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    Im off to Chongqing this weekend for three days, and taking my Tissot with me. The bracelet will be better suited for the hot, sweaty weather I'll be dealing with.

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    My "guilty pleasure" watch... An Invicta Russian Diver. Once you take it off the horrible OEM strap (with the metal barrels on the side) it actually isn't too bad.

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    Heritage Chrono on orange NATO for Saturday:
    Name:  THCBorange2 copy.jpg
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Size:  133.3 KBName:  THCBorange3 copy.jpg
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    Have a great weekend!

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    TAG Heuer Aquaracer Calibre S Regatta Timer on NATO


    Name:  TAG NATO.jpg
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    Once in awhile you get shown the light in the strangest of places if you look at it right.

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    How do you know i like this watch?

    have a great weekend everybody!!

    Name:  DSCN9911.jpg
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    ps: check out my giveaway to win my handmade strap =)
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