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Thread: More mail from Jakarta

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    More mail from Jakarta

    Whatmeworry's I got mail thread had me "worried"* and wondering when my lyonk-strap would show up.
    Happy to report that I found it in our mailbox this evening so today is a double Good Friday.

    The strap required some work / mods: punch or drill a hole and make the little incision for the buckle pin. In all my excitement -and rush to get this done while there still was some light to get pictures- I omitted taking a photograph of the strap as received / pre mods. And viewing my photos I also realized / noticed that I had not wiped the smudges and fingerprints off the watch after installing the strap. Again, blame the excitement and rush.

    Enough said already, on to the pictures:

    Name:  150403_Omega_3570_lyonk_5m.jpg
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    My only strap with just one hole - the ultimate custom look. Very cool in my book.
    I plan on fitting an original Omega buckle in the near future.

    Name:  150403_Omega_3570_lyonk_6m.jpg
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    Fit at the top-lug

    Name:  150403_Omega_3570_lyonk_7m.jpg
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    Fit at the bottom lug

    Name:  150403_Omega_3570_lyonk_8m.jpg
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    The complete picture - much better than the previous strap. This strap is a keeper.

    Name:  150403_Omega_3570_lyonk_4m.jpg
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    All I can say: thank you lyonk

    * not really, but I just couldn't resist the pun
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    Nice!! Nicely done, Iyonk.
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    Well done, Iyonk!

    And thank you MHe225 for the pics.

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    I'm so glad the strap made it! thank you very much for the pictorial Sir! can't believe how handsome my strap when paired with such a gorgeous watch! hahaha!
    hope it give you lots of enjoyment.. and please wear it with peace of mind... like i said, if it ever break -- i'll send you a new & improved one =)

    so glad that the thickness, lugs, length and so on match your wrist like it's handmade custom/taylor made for you..

    a bit clue, if you want to disquise the buckle hole a bit, a little visit from sharpie/marker would camoflage it a bit =)

    thanks again for you Thread sir.. you surely MADE my day! ahaha..

    ok, this is my clue for my next give away =)

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    The strap looks great on your watch, MHe. Kudos, Iyonk for the beautiful work.

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    Great work, Iyonk. Looks fantastic.

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    Makes me feel like this
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    For what it's worth (from a bracelet guy ) - That looks the business
    Some people have opinions - The rest of us have taste.

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    Looks good on the Speedy..

    Pure class Iyonk
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    Very minimal and very classy.
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