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Thread: Dark Side of the Dark Side of the Moon

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    Dark Side of the Dark Side of the Moon

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    Quotes of $7000-$9000 quoted on the Omega Forums - ouch.

    We've probably all seen these horror story pictures before, but they're shocking all the same every time I see them. Amazes me that they quote 70% of the cost of the watch just for a new case.

    Boring old steel for me.

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    Darn,that's expensive...I remember the thread about the cracked pam 317 and Panerai charged around $6-7k for the ceramic case,CG and movt reassembly + re-regulation

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    Nice but too $$$$ for me.
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    Ouch! Also kind of underscores just how far from the spirit of the original speedy the ceramic ones are.
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    Its stuff like this that makes the more traditional and WAAAAY cheaper alternative of stainless steel a no brainer for me.
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    Someone told me the other day that *all* chronos are tool watches

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    Araldite ? Got to be worth a try against a $9,000 repair bill
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    The Real Dark Side of the Moon:

    Full Moon tonight and depending on your location, a lunar eclipse / blood (red) moon can be seen in the wee hours of the morning
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    That's absurd. Almost the price of (an intact) pre owned one. Surely just replacing the whole case would be cheaper?
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    Yikes. One reason I won't touch full ceramic cases.

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