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Thread: INCOMING: my first Sub (does this count?)

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    INCOMING: my first Sub (does this count?)

    I was tempted by commemorative Antactic dials (looking for a reminder of our trip there a few years ago). But...some browsing led me to this one. The price was right, and with a little brushing up (on my Russian, not on the dial...) I can actually read the names of the cities.

    Now...someone gets to tell me how and why i've gone wrong.

    Question: the same movement (2623-H) appears in watches with either one (the commemorative baubles) or two (the ones that appear to be more functional than decorative). In my ignorance, I assume that the second button (at 4:00 - well, make that 08:00 on this dial) rotates the bezel, which is sometimes just a color coding (Radio Operator, showing "watches"???), sometimes has the odd numbers for hours (is this simply a "second time zone"?), and sometimes (as with this one) has cities of the world arranged around the dial. Some of these are marked "Made in USSR" (made for export?) and others (like this one) are marked entirely in Cyrillic. Did I do well by avoiding the "made for export" versions? Do they differ functionally, or just in the markings on the dial?
    And, is the second button (controlling the bezel?) *completely* independent of the movement?

    There's plenty of time to answer these questions. Perhaps being overly pessimistic, the estimate for shipping from St. Petersburg tops out at 60 days. That feels out of date - I just received a Pobeda from Samara that took less than 14 days - most of which was used up before leaving Moscow.

    Appropriately, it ships with a NATO strap...

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    Keep us posted when you receive it. Looks like an interesting watch.
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