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Thread: Yes , yes, yes, but then thanks

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    Yes , yes, yes, but then thanks

    Sometimes with watches I'm all stage1: yeah, mmmm and wow... and then.. suddenly... it's terminal stage 2.. no way, total turnoff, no way pedro

    My 1st pictorial example for you (just seen whilst ebay browsing)

    Stage 1:

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    Stage 2:

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    The cause of stage 2:....... screen printed writing on the caseback glass

    Come show me your stage 1's and 2's in picture form please , so we can enjoy the stage 1 moment and be truly disgusted by stage 2
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    Stage 1:

    Stage 2:

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    Lol ^^^ for me it was the Speedy Sapphire Sandwich. Yes love the history, yes love the design, no couldn't deal with the incorrect "first and only watch worn on moon"

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    I have no wrist shot when I tried pam 368...

    On the paper it looks like a perfect destro for me (titanium case,8 days movt,simple dial,gold hands)

    On the wrist,totally different story..too big and too thick to be a daily watch

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