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Thread: Barcelona - 2015 (April 4 and 5)S

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    Barcelona - 2015 (April 4 and 5)S

    Family trip to Barcelona this week -- visiting good friends.

    I ended up taking several Casios on this trip -- but, in my rush to leave NYC, did not grab a G-Shock. (I had intended to bring a GA-100.)

    Wore my Casio AE-1200 on the flight. Amazing bang for the buck on this little world time watch. STW; CDT; 5 alarms, chime; world time and the seamless ability to have two time zones on the display at one time. What else does a traveler need? And all for around U.S. $25.00.

    Gaudi Building seen on our first, jet-lagged walk around the city:

    Another Gaudi Building:

    Strolling through the old part of town:

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    Awesome!!! perfect choice kronos!! and great picts!

    please keep us updated ok..

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    Great pics. Thanks for sharing.

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    Good watch choice!

    Enjoy your trip and keep us posted! :-)

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    Definitely unique architecture.

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    Barcelona - 2015 (April 4 and 5)S

    Thanks for sharing :-) Very nice

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    If you can go to visit the aquarium. Outside there is the first submarine barceloneta. Also the zoo is very good.

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