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Thread: >>>>>>>WRUW, Sunday 3rd February, 2019<<<<<<<<<<<<

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    >>>>>>>WRUW, Sunday 3rd February, 2019<<<<<<<<<<<<

    Good morning all,

    First day of the work week here, so something 'office-y'

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    Enjoy your Sunday, especially if it is a day of rest.
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    I'd Schwarzkopf it daily, except I couldn't be bothered with the inevitable explanations...

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    Have a great Sunday everybody...
    Square G today..
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    I'm on instagram: @iyonk_strap

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    mlcor's gift on iyonk - H20 Hydra. A quirky watch that I enjoy a great deal.

    Too many watches, not enough wrists.

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    We took our son to the Art Gallery of New South Wales today, so the choice was obvious: here's Michael Parekowhai's sculpture of Captain Cook gazing down on the Rado Captain Cook MkII reissue, 250 years on from Captain Cook's landing in Australia. He gave a similar reaction to the original MkII nearly a year ago.

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    And a close up in the setting sun by the pool later.

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    Reverse panda on our cork rally

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    A day of ups and downs indeed. I woke up earlier then planned and cought a fast train. Had plenty of time, so decided to take a walk in London. Strolled along Regent Canal from Kings Cross to Camden to Marylebone.

    Lots of joggers, soccer players and dog owners in Regents Park.

    From Marylebone I got as far as Paddington, when I heard about service issues due to signal failure. I did a quick re-routing and jumped on Heathrow Express and got back into schedule.

    After security check I saw this...

    ...which does not promise good with a 55 minute layover at Helsinki. Looks like itís going to be a long evening before getting home

    So what does a man do when facing this kind of adversaries?

    Problem solved. And maybe some watch browsing after this.

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    Good morning from the Virgin Islands!!


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    Pregame watch

    Game time

    Humbly Conquering the World, One Watch at a Time!

    Horologically Yours,


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    Honestly not a big football fan, but the Super Bowl is the one game I do enjoy watching. Plus, no doubt Ďcause itís the only one, Mrs. Cor makes treats and lets me just sit and watch.

    Oris today.

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