Actually I still donít have a whole lot more details on the Skafander but I thought it would be cool to see the 3 other versions in the collection before posting the new CHRONO that has just come out.

Eastern European by name and with a not so typical barrel-shaped case, the Skafander is one of these watches that youíll either love or hate.

I love it - I might have used an expletive or two to express just how cool I thought it was when I first saw it, but I do recognize that it isnít a design for everyone.

That tonneau case BTW, mightnít be your usual diver case shape but its hallmark of Franck Muller so does make sense in this instance plus it makes a refreshing change from 60s retro.

The case is offered in three materials; Stainless steel, High-Grade Titanium and 18K Rose Gold. Measurements include: a width of 46mm, a length 57mm and a thickness of 15.6mm.

Divers features include: a special internal rotational timing bezel, a massive Ti, blue or yellow security locking-device and 100 meters of water-resistance.

The Skafanderís open-work dial is protected by a black DLC-coated fixed bezel.

Its internal bezel is operates via the massive buttons on the side of the case - the 8 oíclock pushers fine-tune the dive-time forward in single minutes, while the 10 oíclock pushers work in five minute increments.

Powering the Skafander is an FM automatic caliber operable via the two large push-buttons on the left lateral side of the case.

The Skafander from Franck Muller will have a Swiss MSRP of 13800CHF or 21000CHF if you go for the 18K RG baller version. The watches are out now!