If youíre a fan of technical-looking watches such as those from RM et al then hereís something interesting from Franck Muller, a new addition to their Skafander diver collection which debuted last summer.

The new Skafander Chrono joins the 3-hand release model; it is for all intents and purposes the same watch only as chronograph, so perhaps even busier on the face of it, but no less appealing or whatever the absolute opposite of that is!

Its FM 2800-SK-CC self-winding chrono caliber is housed in the same emblematic, iconic tonneau-shaped case which is available in several versions that include: Titanium, 18 carat Rose Gold and Stainless steel.

Despite only having 100 meters of water-resistance, the Skafander has been painstakingly equipped with some very cool (but potentially very unnecessary) diver watch tech.

Beneath its openwork dial is a rotational disk, which is adjustable via one of those large push-buttons on the side of the case allowing you to move a graduation marker in order to set dive-time.

In addition to the above, such technical features of the Skafander Chrono afford its wearer a precise tool to monitor their dive including decompression stages. So thatís the internal bezel.

A security lock prevents the push buttons from being accidentally activated, as well avoiding any unintentional use of the unidirectional diverís bezel.

All these details have been meticulously undertaken, even the hands have been designed so that there can be no ambiguity when reading dive-time.

Thoughts? As cool as the Skafander is, I just canít imagine any of them getting any real dive-time, can you?

I much prefer the 3-handers, but these look pretty cool, too Ė particularly in green. They donít really make sense as dive watches but thatís what they are, love Ďem or hate Ďem.