Recently announced, and well-covered by our friends at Fratello Watches, is the creation of a new association in honor of Gerald Genta. Founded by Genta's wife Evelyne, the Gerald Genta Heritage Association looks to preserve and support the legacy of watch design, both by highlighting Genta's genre-defining work and by helping to support new talent in the world of watch design.*
The association's new website offers a deep dive on Genta's formidable work within the watch industry, including the Polerouter, the Royal Oak, and the Nautilus. He is an icon and his design work is regarded as such and,*truth be told, those are just the highlights of his incredible career and I highly recommend a quick read of his biography on the new site.*
Seated at the chair of the association, Evelyne Genta worked alongside her husband and helped to expand business in new markets as the pair embarked on the development of their own watch brand. A proven champion of the industry, Evelyne hopes that the association will not only promote their work, but also encourage and develop the next generation of game-changing watch designers.*
While a new association is not automatically interesting news, one that is both for (and of) the Genta legacy is remarkable. It is arguable that the watch industry could use an injection of new and thoughtful design, and if the Gerald Genta Heritage Association can help to facilitate the same sort of change that Genta brought with his designs, then we wish them nothing but success.*
For more information visit The Gerald Genta Heritage Association online.