As watch lovers, we can't help but notice when timepieces pop up in film and television. Most often, the watches we spot are props used to instill period-correctness in a story, or a flair of style to a particular character. But in the case of the hit sci-fi drama Interstellar, already a classic just five years after its debut, one special Hamilton wristwatch took on an outsize role in the plot.
If you've seen the feature film, then you know that the wristwatch gifted to Murph Cooper by her father is much more than just a great-looking, vintage-inspired military piece. Handed to Murph by Joseph Cooper, a NASA pilot, right as he is about to embark on a mission to a faraway galaxy, the watch is a totem of the love between a father and a daughter and, in the end, the method through with the story reaches its climax. Leaving the watch with her, Joseph tells Murph that upon his return from the mission the two can compare the time on their respective watches to see how his intergalactic travel may have caused them to diverge.*
Much later, in the course of that mission, when Joseph Cooper finds himself in the tesseract, he discovers that he is able to communicate with Murph through space and time and uses his daughter's watch's seconds hand as the means of that communication, causing it to tick off a Morse code sequence that Murph can then use to save humanity. After cracking the code with the help of her Hamilton watch, Murph flings a stack of papers into the air and exclaims "Eureka!" Fans of Interstellar have affectionately called this timepiece "The Murph."
It's hard to believe that it has been half a decade since Interstellar captivated audiences with its riveting story and jaw-dropping special effects. In the time since the film took theaters by storm, Interstellar fans have repeatedly asked Hamilton to make the Murph watch available for purchase. And now it finally is. (There's a good chance several of these fans even saw today's official announcement coming. Last week, Hamilton began teasing it on social media, with Morse Code, tesseract-themed posts on its own Instagram account.)
Fans of the movie will no doubt be pleased with the spot-on reproduction of the original Murph Watch that Hamilton is offering today. The likeness is uncanny. There is one very minor difference, though, between the watch of the film and the one you see here, but we think fans will be just fine with this thoughtful update. If you look very closely at the seconds hand while it is standing still, you can see a series of lacquer dots and dashes running down its length. And just what does this Morse Code message spell out? "Eureka!"
The 42mm stainless steel Khaki Field Murph comes equipped with a souped up H-10 automatic movement with 80 hours of power reserve. It's not a limited edition itself, though just 2,555 of these watches will come with limited edition packaging designed by none other than Interstellar's own award-winning production designer, Nathan Crowley, making it a must for any fan of the film. The colorful, geometric pattern found on the outside of the presentation box was inspired by the tesseract cube in the film.*
The HODINKEE Shop has secured a batch of the Hamilton Khaki Field Murph with the limited edition packaging and is now accepting orders; watches will deliver to customers beginning March 4th.