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Thread: What's your favourite watch in your collection?

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    What's your favourite watch in your collection?

    ...and why?
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    came for a look stayed for the biskwits
    could not really say changes all the time I might be able to list say top 30 maybe but that would still be hard lol

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    Its got heritage, the watch itself has history, disappears on the wrist in terms of comfort, works well with the bracelet but also with a huge variety of straps, the faded bezel is very attractive taking on a different character depending on the light, its reliable and most likely would outlast me, oh and its a Rolex!

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    Why not ask me to pick a favorite child or grandchild for that matter. Even a favorite wife or ex-wife or girlfriend...??
    I have found that some people just like to hear themselves typing.

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    Okay..., Charging Paddles... CLEAR!! BZZZZT... Another Thread Revived!

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    3 watch that's definately my daily wear fave.. and all are tool watches.. no dress watch for now.

    seiko black monster... i know some see it as UGLY, but it fits my wrist so well and have been very reliable and keep excellent time.. it has been dropped and bang around but still working reliably.
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    Victorinox Infantry quartz.
    its slim and nicely build.. my affordable and reliable 'field' watch.. super accurate within +1.5 sec/month
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    and most of all... i know it's not popular, but truly my all time favorite watch.. as silly as it sound, if i can only have one dependable watch -- this would be 'it'.
    my limited edition screwback stainless case square g-shock DW-5030c.
    it never give me any trouble, got all the features i need from alarm, timer to stopwatch, super reliable (its a g-shock!) and blend in my wrist so well.. yep, i'm a dorky geek.
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    yeah, i know.. i should be belong on the affordable section =)

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    Well, as i said a few times before, it's my Swatch autoquarz. I know this is the 3th post today where i put pic's of this watch (WRUW & HEQ), but it is pure coincidence.

    The reasons are simple: it is bulletproof, dirtcheap, waterresistant, HAQ, never needs a battery, power-reserve of 90+ days and ultra rare...

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    As per this:
    It's a great all-rounder, BUT.....
    ... If I HAD to choose one above all others, it would be this:
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    Simply because it was my first 'decent' watch, and as such, will always be top of the tree.
    It's a lovely weight, fits as snug as can be to my wrist, the bracelet is 100% comfortable, it runs at + 2 - 3 seconds per day, is as tough as I'll (hopefully !) ever need, and no chance of drowning it.
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    In my reduced collection everything that is there is a favorite. Most worn and go to is easily the Rolex Explorer II. With that said while it does not have the everyday toolish nature of the Exp. II my Omega Seamaster 300 MC TT is my favorite. The combination of modern vintage looks, function, comfort and elegance (while still sporty)make it a winner for me. It was one of few watches I knew in less than 30 seconds of seeing the Basel pictures on my phone that I wanted one.



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    Well it's easy, the only other watches I have right now are a couple old swatches and a g shocker, all never get worn (except the G shock when I'm biking).

    Classic Dive watch looks. I love the broad arrow hands. The way they reflect light when you hold the watch face at certain angles. I could stare at it all day.

    Looks great on a NATO imo

    Looks good also on the bracelet, and the bracelet feels quality (even if it doesn't have a micro adjustment)

    And fantastic Lume!!

    And not that it was a deciding factor for me at all, but hey, James Bond wore one in Casino Royale.

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