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Thread: DLC chronos?

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    DLC chronos?

    i've been eyeing the Sinn 144 Jubilee lately for some reason and even started another thread about it a few weeks ago.

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    Curious if anyone knows of some similarly equipped 40-43mm DLC all-black chronos.. lets see em!
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    lost in translation birdynamnam's Avatar
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    Damasko DC66 (Si) black

    Damasko DC56 black

    are the first to come to my mind
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    Bremont ALT1-B. Seen here alongside the aforementioned Damasko:

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    Thought of this:
    Name:  tag-heuer-formula-one-chronograph.jpg
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    ... and found this while I was searching for a picture of it:
    Name:  kobold-phantom-black-op-chronograph.jpg
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    Strange that the TAG looks more 'phantom' than the 'Phantom'
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    I really like this one
    Name:  71ZcAyoZnvL._UY445_.jpg
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    not sure about DLC.
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    Archimede do one, if you want a more classically styled dial

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    Ahem... Chase, you did read this one, didn't you?

    I like the look of the TAG! Kobold is quite confusing, though: I wear watch on my right hand, and those pushers would be just fine with me, but what about "normal" people or it is special "left-handed" edition?
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    This torch is the Ball Fireman Storm Chaser DLC Glow LE:

    Even GTLS tubes on all the registers. BTW the strap is stitched rubber and the watch features both Tachometer and Teleometer scales to measure speed and distance of storms.
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    Tell everyone you saw it on IWL!

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    Saw a DLC'd chrono Mont Blanc adverts,might be another alternative to add to this discussion

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