It’s Wednesday again, which means we’re halfway through the workweek and ready for another crop of fantastic vintage watches. Today, we’re focusing on tool watches – we've got a flashy yet rugged Sub, a classic pilot’s watch from Breitling, and a funky adventure watch by Lip with a surprise inside. Read on to learn more!
1981 Rolex Submariner Ref. 16808

Okay let’s get this out of the way right off the bat: I know that a solid 18k gold Submariner isn’t the most “practical” dive watch you could own. That much is true. But that being said, don’t you just really want to rock this bad boy on the beach or by the pool?? Sometimes watches are meant to blend in and other times they beg to be noticed. This Rolex firmly places itself in the latter category. This example gets bonus points for the “nipple” dial, showing that this watch was made early on in the run of this reference.
1960s Breitling AVI Co-Pilot Chronograph Ref. 765

If you’re more interested in soaring through they sky than plunging into the murky depths of the sea, this Breitling AVI Co-Pilot chronograph is the watch for you. It’s got a modern size (41mm) and an always-cool reverse panda dial. If you’re worried about how this watch might look on a smaller wrist, worry no more because this particular model was worn by Raquel Welch in the 1967 film Fathom and looked incredible. Pretty cool!
1960s Lip Nautic-Ski Ref. 42554

This week we’ve moved from sea to air and now we’ve finally got our feet firmly planted on land. The Nautic-Ski was a celebration of Lip’s 100th anniversary and they really went all-out with this one. The dial has a lot going on, with an inner-rotating bezel, some funky hands, a lightning bolt (!), and chunky numerals, but taken all together it really works. Technologically speaking, there’s an interesting electronic movement ticking away inside and a super-compressor case protecting it from the elements.
The Fine Print

That is certainly not all! Check out an understated Rolex, a diver from Zodiac, and a Zenith pilot’s watch from the 1950s too, all available now in the HODINKEE Shop.*