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Thread: Are WIS punctual? My brief story of punctuality and looking at the time etiquette.

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    Are WIS punctual? My brief story of punctuality and looking at the time etiquette.

    Something I recently thought about with my watch collecting hobby and how it began. My short story about my watch collecting is the fact that at a very young age I always felt the need and want to be on time to things. Whether it was critical timely occasions or as simple as dinner reservations. Since I was a child, as long as I remember I have been a punctual person. I think because of this personality trait I always felt the need to have a watch on and because I always felt the need to have a watch on, it might as well be something pretty and interesting to look at. This drove me deeper into the depths of horology. I believe part of this trait ultimately lead me to become a WIS...for the last 20 years. Even in the age of cell phones I feel like a prick (sorry to be so vulgar) whipping out my cell phone every so often to look at the time which I always seem to want to know. To simply and discreetly look at a pleasant piece of micro mechanical machinery makes my want for knowing the time that much more enjoyable and buying watches justifiable. Its funny because my wife knows this trait of mine and agrees its much more appropriate glancing at my watch then whipping out of cell phone at dinner and in front of friends/family/guests. Do most of you other guys consider yourselves punctual and sort of incorporate that into why you began your watch collection? Do you agree one of the advances a traditional time piece will have over any modern smart phone is that fact one can discreetly look at the time and its less rude, I think most would agree. Now...Name:  18gkf9e30qgz2png.png
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    I'm only punctual in the sense of not letting people down by arriving late.

    But most of the time, if asked what time it is, I could be out by an hour. I'm particularly good at thinking it's not much after midnight when it's 2am.

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    I am - almost - obsessively punctual.

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    The tendency towards punctuality was cultivated in me early in life by my mother and I have lived most of my life believing that if I weren't at least ten minutes early for any sort of appointment I was late. Your comment about not wanting to pull your phone from your pocket put me in mind of something I read some time ago relative to the development of the wristwatch. That is that the wristwatch was developed to provide a means of subtly checking the time since pulling a watch from the pocket was a far more obvious, and potentially discourteous, way of doing so. Possibly apocryphal but certainly in line with your sentiments.

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    I always love and respect punctuality .. its in my blood.. a rare breed in where i life.

    but my love for watches is simply -- an addiction, or helpless obsession..

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    I'm a little late to this thread, can I still participate?

    Yes, i do try to be punctual, and usually am, unless I'm waiting for my daughter to get ready...

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    I'm obsessively punctual and get extremely wound up if other people cause me to be late. I don't draw a parallel between that and my watch collecting though

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    When i have an apointement on location, i touch the doorhandle or bell on the second we had agreed to meet. When people come to me i can live with excactly 15 minutes delay. There is no excuse for being late, and if your stuck in traffic or smtn, you should call in front to warn that you will be later for reason X or Y, and ask if that would be a problem. I don't do buissiness with people who are late, and i don't hire people who are late.

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    Time was always an issue between my parents, with my mum lying about the time so she and my laid-back dad were ready to go out promptly to the theatre etc.
    So punctuality has always been something I've noticed, and strive for. (My sis went the other way - she's very maņana about time, and goes watchless when not at work)
    My watch hobby has, however, been the cause of lateness for me. How many others have changed the hands to a pretty time for wruw, then forgotten to readjust? Very embarrassing, particularly when the people you're meeting know you're a WIS

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