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Thread: What is your 'Grab and Go' watch?

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    What is your 'Grab and Go' watch?

    inspired by CFR Longines quartz diver... it would be interesting to see what watch in your collection that's always 'Ready' to 'Grab and Go'?

    i always put this citizen on my nightstand and i think this one i my grab and go... what's yours?
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    This is my grab and go watch,along with 9330

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    Now, you made me find another pic

    Name:  Longines_HydroQ9.jpg
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    Longines Hydroconquest Quartz

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    Random guy vinylgreek's Avatar
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    The bottom Left corner of the U.S. of A.
    Either of these two
    P3090052 by vinylgreek, on Flickr
    PA130133 by vinylgreek, on Flickr

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    This one - the joy of quartz

    Name:  taggmt.jpg
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    All my quartz-watches

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    All my pieces are on winders so anything really but when it's time to hit the road I always grab the SD

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    I only have one quartz ,my old Tag Heuer F1 , which my son now wears most of the time. Its too small for me these days. So, I don't really have a grab and go any more.
    Regards Cam

    Tudor Pelagos, Omega Speedmaster 3510.50, Oris 1965 Diver, Tissot Visodate, Helson Blackbeard, Seiko PADI Turtle, Tag Heuer F1

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    For casual wear it would have to be this one, which I seem to be posting a bit recently, but here's another pic anyway:

    Always ready with the correct time and date, and extremely light and comfortable, it's hard not to reach for it.

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