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Thread: Watch association game

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    Watch association game

    This is a repeat of a thread I've done elsewhere, but it is a fun one.
    Post a pic of a watch you own or have owned and the next person has to post a pic of a watch of theirs that shares at least one characteristic with the previous watch.

    I'll start with what I'm wearing today, a solar atomic G-Shock... So the next person could post a digital, a Casio, a solar watch, a Japanese watch, etc....

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    sure... i'm going with square G-shock theme.. my fav screwback and the watch of my avatar..
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    Gold toned Casio
    DSC_0030 by whatmeworry101, on Flickr

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    Gold timex digital.. =)

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    Watch association game

    Japanese brand and made in Japan like the 5030 posted by lyonk

    Edit: scratch that..

    Yet another Digital watch from Japan

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    ok we are going diver like synequano post.. =)

    (i dont know if i played this right hehehe)
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    Blue dial

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    Blue dial

    Soviet, red second hand, 2209 movement, 35mm case are your other possible cues

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    10:09 ish

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    Quote Originally Posted by whatmeworry View Post

    10:09 ish
    Yeah but you're 35 seconds out

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