Today, we have something really exciting to announce in the HODINKEE Shop – a watch that we think longtime enthusiasts, those new to watch collecting, and outdoor types alike will love. From Seiko, we have a brand new limited edition take on what many consider to be the the Japanese watchmaker's original sports watch, the Alpinist. It's perfectly sized, extremely stylish, and it has been made especially for the U.S. market.*Oh, and it's priced at just $600.
In honor of the original Seiko Alpinist, which debuted way back in 1959, Seiko is making just 1,959 of the Alpinist U.S. Limited Edition. That original wristwatch helped forge a new direction for Seiko, setting the stage for the Japanese watchmaker to become one of the most dominate players in the sports watch category for the ensuing 60 years. This new edition has been redesigned in order to return the fan favorite to its original raison d’etre, which is to say it is a rugged, no-nonsense timekeeper through and through. The HODINKEE Shop is the only retailer to be offering this exciting new release other than Seiko themselves, and we don't expect our limited supply to last long.
While some recent iterations of the Alpinist have taken on a dressier look thanks to the use of gold-colored numerals and alligator-pattern straps, the new U.S. Limited Edition Alpinist has an unambiguous tool watch identity. From its 39.5mm stainless steel case with a sapphire crystal and 200 meters of water resistance to its tried-and-true in-house 6R15 automatic movement and vintage-style leather strap, the new Alpinist is good-looking and functional top to bottom. Not only do we think it's a pretty perfect watch for daily wear, but it’s also as if Seiko made this watch with the HODINKEE community in mind. We couldn't be more excited to offer it today.
One of the first things that you'll notice about the Alpinist is its second crown, located on the side of the case at four o'clock. This controls the inner rotating bezel and its compass function. How does this navigational tool work exactly? This scale can be used by the wearer to approximate their bearing, provided they are in the Northern Hemisphere. To start, roughly point the watch’s hour hand toward the Sun in the sky. Then, turn the crown to rotate the inner bezel until the "South" point sits halfway between 12 o'clock and the hour hand. From here you can read a rough orientation. This might not be precise enough for navigating your way across the tundra, but it will do just fine if you're taking a weekend trip to Paris or Rome and want a sense of where you're standing. Beyond its utility though, this scale adds real character and a great look to the Alpinist.
Of course, we cannot leave out this watch's unbeatable value: it is priced at just $600. The Seiko U.S. Limited Edition Alpinist may just be one of the best values propositions we have been able to offer to date. You can learn more and purchase yours here.