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Thread: Rolex is doing OK...

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    Rolex is doing OK...

    United Kingdom turnover

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    The graph isnít the easiest to read, so from the top itís:

    1. Rolex
    2. Patek Philippe
    3. Richemont
    4. LVMH
    5. Fossil
    6. Swatch
    7. Seiko
    8. Cartier
    9. Time Products *
    10. Breitling

    * Time Products Luxury Ltd. is a seller of Swiss luxury watches. The Company sells the name brands Piaget, Franck Muller, Alain Silverstein, Hublot, Audemars Piguet, de Grisogono, Carlo Ferrara, Vogard, Richard Mille, and Pierre Kunz

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    Since Rolex and Patek are privately held, I wonder where they get those numbers.

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    I’ll link the article -

    There’s a bit on methodology.

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    For a second there, I thought the 42m was global profit for rolex....

    It's be interesting to see how much cash piles the top companies are sitting on as well. Profits can diminish pretty quickly in bad market cycles.

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