Believe it or not, I used to hate NATO straps. The look, the material, the excess strap folded and tucked into a bulky mess on the side of your wrist I didn't get it. I stuck to leather, rubber, and steel bracelets until one photo changed my entire position on the humble NATO. In August 2011, HODINKEE posted the below photo of a Patek Philippe 5960P on a grey NATO and I immediately ordered one.*
While the original post puts nearly the entire NATO trend on blast, I was obsessed with how the watch looked on that basic strip of nylon. As worn by one William Massena, this sporty platinum chronograph with an annual calendar just rocks on a dark grey NATO. While my first NATO went on somewhat more humble fare (a 2254 Seamaster and my beloved Halios Tropik), I like the way a grey NATO seems to complement good watch design without strongly emphasizing itself. I think that it works every bit as well here on a Patek Philippe as it does on any other watch. This one wrist shot changed my tastes and lead me to an appreciation for NATOs that would inform both an aspect of my personal style and also some of my work.
So read the post, check out the photo, and maybe try something new (it doesn't have to be a NATO, but I like my Sundays decidedly low-stakes). Hit the comments to let me know what you think of the combo too and if you've had your mind changed by a timely wrist shot.*